Him and His Annoying–

Prompt: Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

In school, evidently. I have more time in school during the day than at home; which is rustling and bustling with humans from my brothers’ or sisters’ friends.

I never bring my friends over.

I don’t think there are any friends I can allow to enter my home; my domicile; the land that is ruled by the King and Queen, and I am a simple princess who stays locked up in her high tower.

Not like I need a prince to get me down.‘Tis lonely, perhaps, but most of the time, I enjoy the peace in my tower; out of reach, out of sight, out of mind.

Supposedly, there are special events withheld in my educational institution. But they are filled with lifeless zombies and unicorns who are full of themselves. I am simple.

Simple, clever, and quiet.

I only need the darkness to entertain my thoughts and the use of those unicorns, lizards, and zombies. The pixies are the worst.

Pixies are more full of themselves than the unicorns; the magic-horse is always galloping around and is rather kind but slightly obnoxious. Imagine pixies huddling together and whispering noise of nauseating words to each other. 

“Who’s this?”

“Who’s that?”

Such hideous creatures, they need not the knowledge He carries.

He is a pixie; like them in His beating fluttering wings and His pompous attitude. He attracts all kinds of unicorns and pixies to Him; occasionally the zombie and the lizards to His grace. Such a fowl being.

But I, myself, cannot hide the fact that I do find some interest in that being of His. 

What makes Him so intriguing. I wish to find out more, but alas, that pixie is just a pixie. I’ll simply hide out in my tower.

Out of sight, out of mind. Out of–

“Hi, Carla!”



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