The Empty Hole

Prompt: At school, you discovered a giant hole in the middle of the playground. Write a story about what happened next.

❀*。・ ✿*・。 ✲゚*❀*。・ ✿*・。 ✲゚*❀*。・ ✿*・❀*。・ ✿*・。 ✲゚*❀*。・ ✿*・。 ✲゚*❀*。・ ✿*・

It was a dark and sickening hole, filler with foul-smelling rotten items that had been carelessly tossed in it. The others had thought it will be filled up soon, but I doubted it, since the hole looked twice as deep with a four-feet wide radius.

Yet, no one cared for it.

Everyday on the playground, I would walk up to it, and gaze inside it. Wondering all the possibilities that was inside the hole. Could it be the hole that was just a hole? Or would it perhaps lead to another world? Maybe China perhaps? As everyday went by, I made a list of all the impossible things that I wanted to be in the other side. I wanted my video games in there, my home, my family. I paused. What else do I need…? 

Maybe a dragon. Yeah, dragons are cool.

So are lions and tigers, the gryffins and ravens. And those half-man-half-horse people. I ran out of room by the time recess ended. I was slightly upset, but thought this was enough. I threw the paper into the hole.

Walking up to my line, Cindy began running her big mouth again.

“I know what’s in that hole! Daddy told me all about it.”

I laughed at her whilst the others stared and listen intently. Cindy heard my laugh and threw me a glare.

“What’s so funny?”

“Your daddy doesn’t know what’s in the hole.”

“Yes he does!”

“No, he doesn’t.”



“Fine! If you think you’re so smart, then why don’t you go into the hole?” I blinked. Go into the hole by myself?  

That’s stupid.

“I don’t wanna.” I replied bitterly. Cindy started walking round with her hands in underneath her tiny arms.

Bwok! Bwok! Just admit that my daddy knows everything more than you, chicken!” She gave me another squawk as the other kids started laughing. 

With my cheeks aflame, I walked up to the hole. But as soon as I walked up to it, my courage disappears into fear. Before, I saw it as the gateway of imagination, but now it’s an empty void that could lead me to my death. I didn’t move and continued to stare, even though the teachers had called for my name.

“Well, what’s wrong, chicken.” Cindy mocked. I got angry again, but my eyes never left the empty void and my anger quickly died down.

That was until I felt her push me.


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