The Flying Saucer

Prompt: A flying saucer has been sighted over your town. You have never believed in flying saucers, but then you see it for yourself and…what happens next.

 I was walking home from school that day. It was a nice windy September, and overhead were dotted clouds in the soothing blue sky. I was really glad school was over; I never really liked my teachers who often were disappointed in me (they’re more ‘disappointed’ in my attitude to work with others). As I crossed the last bridged toward my home, I heard a small buzzing noise. I glanced at my side, thinking it was a beetle or some sort. I hate bugs. I hate anything remotely buzzing, so when I turned my head to look for that blasted bug that made the buzzing noise, I was shocked.

A flying saucer was looming far in the distance! My eyes tried to narrow to sharpen the image, and no matter how many times I rubbed my eyes, I couldn’t erase the image. That object was real.  

I stood frozen on the bridge, hearing the buzzing noise of the UFO. It can’t be real, y’know? Aliens don’t exits! I mean, I do think that life on other planets is a plausible idea, the universe being big and gigantic after all, but to come to lil’ old Earth is unnatural. Why Earth of all places…? 

Suddenly, the flying saucer flew out of the sky and into the blue void. I watched as it zoomed and buzzed it’s way past the clouds before disappearing completely.  

I realized I didn’t take a picture. 


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